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At the Energy Coaching Institute we believe that to put your health first is THE most important choice you could ever make.

That a life lived without exceptional health where energy and vitality fuels your daily endeavors, is a life lived feeling average, lacking the energy to be inspired to enroll in X-ray tech school, never fully embracing your life’s purpose, and where waiting to feel better becomes the norm while your hopes and dreams begin to fade. Learn about LPN programs from top online colleges. At the Energy Coaching Institute we are committed to educating, supporting and inspiring individuals to take back control of their health to finally experience the health and vitality you deserve. Surgical Technologist - Degree, Courses, and Training Information is dedicated to online education.

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Start helping yourself today with the tools and proven solutions for overcoming depression and anxiety from leading world experts.

This Healthy ME Summits is on “Overcoming Depression and Anxiety”. The Summit gives you access to 50+ of the brightest and most brilliant minds in the field of mental health and wellness. Our interviews are a collection of experts, as well as individuals sharing their inspirational personal experiences. The combination of both of these points of view provides you the listener with the answers and solutions to your mental health challenges.The Summit is hosted by Joanna Rushton

Joanna Rushton is a body, mind and performance coach, is also a two times #1 Amazon Best Selling author, TV host, Founder of the Energy Coaching Institute and Co-Founder and Director of Healthy ME Summits. She is a Faculty Member of the CHEK Institute and teaches Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) Level 1and 2 across Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

Jo speaks internationally on health, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle, focusing on high performance nutrition and energy magnification, she heads a multi-disciplinary private practice, working with individuals, families and organisations, leading the way in preventative and corrective health. She is committed to empowering individuals to transform their way of thinking; improve personal health; achieve personal goals, and make a difference in their daily life and the lives of those they touch.

Jo has helped thousands of individuals around the world reclaim their health where modern medicine and conventional approaches failed them. If you feel defeated because nothing you have tried so far has worked, now is your opportunity to take a radically different approach and understand how you have been standing in your own way and be shown how you can finally experience the health and vitality you deserve.

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