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Time is a limited resource but energy is renewable. A focused, energetic person at work is more engaged, productive and profitable to the organisation. Contact us TODAY to book an Increased Energy and Productivity at Work Experience 

Corporate Experiences:

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Master classes 

Master classes are a series of 4 full day classs delivered over a customised time line. This modulated intensive  programme addresses the 4 dimensions of personal and professional performance. It provides a measurable framework and practical tools, that your team  can incorporate and begin applying to their lives immediately. The 4 classes are delivered in the following modules;

  • Optimising Physical Energy¬† – employing¬† ‚ÄúSelf Care‚ÄĚ principals
  • Maximising Mental Energy -¬†¬†enhancing mental focus
  • Managing Emotional Energy -¬†harnessing emotional intelligence
  • Unleashing Creative Energy¬† – to¬†enhance your unique gifts

Bite size learning

Bite size learning is a one hour session scheduled as a “lunch n Learn”.¬† It provides a time efficient and tailored approach for individuals and teams to establish how effective they are at renewing and maximizing the use of their energy at work. We have a¬†range ¬†of topics to choose from and all offer simple daily rituals¬†that can be applied immediately. Handouts are also provided.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching model gives individuals the skills and knowledge necessary to mobilise, focus, invest, channel, renew and expand your teams energy  as part of a natural daily ritual. This highly personalised coaching session can be tailored to suit any employee; from CEO through to the junior in the mail room.

Cooking Demonstrations

Our corporate organic cooking classes¬† offer an excellent way for teams to experience and¬†learn ¬†how simple it is, with a little knowledge and forward thinking, to create healthy and energy sustaining meals for work and at home. The organic cooking school experiences can be incorporated into either a bite size “lunch n Learn” topic or an inspiring keynote address.


Joanna Rushton is a highly sought after presenter, facilitator,  energy coach and holistic chef working in the corporate & health and wellness industries. She regularly consults to corporate wellness companies; designing proactive resilience programs for executives and is considered an authority on best practices for building personal health and resilience in the workplace. She delights in sharing the latest research that confronts a decade of mis leading health and dietary guidelines. Jo is guarenteed to inspire and mobilise your audience into action!


Webinars bring the convenience of  Bite Size Learning to your team across multiple locations on a weekly or fortnightly basis. This continuity of learning fully supports your team to develop their essential skills and knowledge. You will have access to recordings of each session online at anytime to refer to when required. For further  information on our Corporate Experiences please click here to contact us 

Successful people know how to master their physical, mental and emotional energy and they know how to sustain their energy under periods of prolonged stress. Great leaders are stewards of organisational energy. They begin by effectively managing their own energy, then, as leaders, they can mobilise, focus, invest, channel, renew and expand the energy of others. Leaders that coach their teams to foster simple daily energy rituals and replenish their own physical, emotional and mental energy are the most effective in building the overall health and resilience of organisations.

Learning the skill of resilience and building on the capacity to be fully engaged

Employees need to feel engaged and personally resilient  in their roles in order for the orginisation to gain a competitive advantage in today’s time of continuial change. This is especially true where the business and social environments are complex, dynamic and turbulent. It is through having a resilient and engaged workforce, that an organisation has the capacity to maintain  productivity and grow profitability. Developing employee resilience and introducing  strategies for full engagement, ensures that you have an adaptive, flexible and motivated workforce that can meet any challenge that may confront them. A resilient and engaged individual is able to use less effort to adapt to change and therefore be more productive during, and as a result of, change. What can the Energy Coaching Institute do to increase your resilience, improve engagement and assist your organisation to grow profitability? Resilience is a  learned skill and engagement is a capacity: Both can and should be, continually be developed.At the Energy Coaching Institute , we coach by example. We live the proven strategies that improve individual and organisational resilience and engagement. We take a proactive and long term approach to help you develop learned resilience; through programs that encompass interpersonal relationships and personal engagement, all centered around health and wellness. This is achieved by providing you with the skills and capacity to build, manage and sustain physical, emotional, spiritual and creative energy.

Organisations and their people are great because of adversity not despite it…but only if they are resilient enough to manage it effectively.

To thrive or even survive today requires a fundamental rethinking of the meaning and application of the most basic assumptions about personal self-care and management, leadership and managing strategic business growth. Organisations must adapt a holistic approach to living in a state of conscious flow where every element of the business can continuously change in response to ever-changing demands. The science of building resilience has advanced to the point where individuals, teams and whole organisations can significantly increase their capacity to engage, achieve targets and thrive in times of adversity . Have further information sent to you follow the links to find out more about  What We Do and if you have a moment follow this link  client testimonials to find out what our previous clients have to say about the Energy Coaching Institute.

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